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Sourcing the right accounting and finance management recruiter is important. You need to choose a company that has the expertise necessary to source the best candidate for your company.

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We have been sourcing HIDDEN TALENT directly from our client preferred industries and companies since 1988. Through specializing in Accounting and Finance, our time tested DMAIC Search Process delivers Industry Leading results for our clients. This process enables us to find exceptional Accounting and Finance talent unavailable to most employers or internal recruiting departments.

Saving time in today’s busy market is key. One of the ways we provide clients this advantage, is by interviewing game-changing leadership talent prior to them joining the job market. This practice helps to ensure a preferred selection of talent prior to your competitors interviewing them. We work quickly and effectively to recommend the Accounting and Finance talent that best aligns with your company culture and strategic initiatives. Our unique Scientific Culture Mapping approach has delivered industry leading candidate retention for our clients over the past 10 years.

The Nantais Group has become the preferred accounting and finance management recruiter over the last 30 years. We accomplished this by creating and executing client customized talent attraction strategies. Furthering Startups to Fortune 50 companies to hire and retain the best available Accounting and Finance talent. We offer recruiting coverage from executives, management, to senior professionals. Our Client Success Stories say it best!

Qualities that make Accounting & Finance Leaders Successful

In this tight and wage competitive environment, it is important to stand out from the crowd. After interviewing, coaching, and recruiting hundreds of top-tier accounting and finance leaders; we’ve identified preferred traits that separate top performers from the crowd.

There are some common qualities that make top level talent successful. A work ethic and drive to face and overcome challenges is something we’ve seen diminishing in today’s pool of candidates. Candidates carry a deep resume with shallow experience with the hopes of a top ticket position. However, employers are discovering that these paper chasers are not the types of people that will stabilize and grow their businesses. Our expertise as an Accounting and Finance Management Recruiter, will help to identify those traits; that in house promoters simply are not trained to look for.

Performance minded candidates learn a level of consistency that allows them to advance in their careers; to reach their objectives. As a result, they also help their companies grow and succeed. By basing career objectives on performance rather than position, it reaps greater rewards of experience and traceable results for both.

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Key Success Traits for Accounting & Finance Leaders

When finding and sourcing top tiered talent, it’s not just that they’re particularly gifted (though many are), as much as the particular way they do business. Top-performing accounting and finance professionals tend to look at their career from a more holistic perspective. The best performers will not only raise their own game, but those around them as well. This team minded trait is rare but, helps to showcase the management capable talent offer the talented accountant.

When we are looking to source top tier talent here are a few traits we are focused on:

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Insight and analysis methods
  3. Natural Leadership
  4. Improvement Focused
  5. Prioritization and Critical Thinking
  6. Solutions-oriented vs Goal-oriented
  7. Loyalty vs. Personal Ambition

Accounting & Finance Leaders are sharp, analytical thinkers but; are also effective communicators who can motivate a team to rally to a task. The best are those who seek continuous improvement, can prioritize and create solutions for complex situations.

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How funds are processed and managed can directly effect your company’s reputation. For many companies represented, profitability has been tangibly attributed to the quality talent sourced by our firm. As you know, the accounting services global market value was $544.06 billion in 2020. Looking forward it is projected to reach $735.94 billion in 2025. According to the Accounting Today 2022 Year Ahead Survey, 51% of firms said their biggest challenge is keeping up with regulatory change and hiring the best talent. Predictably, this creates a demand for the best candidates to help your company grow; a Transportation Manufacturing Management Recruiter can assist you in finding the best of the best.

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