PHASE 1 – We use a proprietary, living database of qualified management and executive talent to source hidden talent directly from client preferred industries that match the predetermined competencies and experience.

PHASE 2 – Our technology-enhancing screening process uses video chat, interview recording, and over twenty years of experience in “asking the right questions” to narrow the candidate pool to your top three to five.

PHASE 3 – The first phase of our assessment process focuses on candidates’ personalities to determine the best cultural fit.

PHASE 4 – The second phase of our assessment uses a variety of tools to quantify your top candidates’ leadership style and necessary competencies based on the position’s requirements.

PHASE 5 – This is where it gets exciting. After a review of your top selection’s reference, we extend them an offer and start preparing them to join your team.

PHASE 6 – Most executive recruiting firms move onto their next job order after a successful placement. Not The Nantais Group! We have a defined methodology for following up with our clients and candidates to ensure a smooth transition.

Successful Hire


Leadership Assessments are a validated approach for hiring and developing the best management team, our clients are finding them more successful than a Personality Profile or an Intelligence measurement.

Assess For Leaders is a web-based talent assessment platform that provides in-depth assessment for selection and development of managers and executives. Developed by organizational psychologists and written in business language, Assess incorporates personality and intellectual ability assessments, behavioral feedback, and performance measurement to evaluate people against a model of success.

By using the competency-linked components of Assess System, targets selection efforts, guide development for the highest gain, and hold employees accountable for their improved performance.

Assess For Leaders is five pre-employment or post employment tests in one:

  • Critical Thinking (thinking through and solving complex, multifaceted problems)

  • Abstract Reasoning (thinking through abstract information to grasp new ideas)

  • Mental Alertness (intellectual horsepower)

  • Personality (25 traits measuring thinking, working and relating characteristics)

  • Emotional Intelligence

leadership assessment tools diagram

Selection and Development for Management and Senior Leaders

The Nantais Group understands the importance of having the right talent in senior leader roles to strengthen the culture, inspire employees, and drive business results. A poor leader can generate negative repercussions:

  • Diminished business results and drained profits

  • Negativity and confusion invading the corporate culture

  • Decreased employee engagement and retention

  • Difficulty driving organizational change

  • Inability to address complex business issues

Improved Leadership Hiring Process

Assess For Managers and Executives assessments empower your executive team to make better hiring choices using objective data and a thorough decision-making dialogue.

Our services are comprehensive and configurable:

  • Detailed profile of each candidate based on objective measures

  • Data-driven, position-specific analytics with direct recommendations regarding “fit”

  • Expedient reporting by expert assessors providing the information you need, when you need it

  • Integration of assessment feedback into subsequent assimilation and development


Assimilation coaching enables senior leaders to lead within your established company culture:

  • Accelerated integration and increased speed to competency and performance

  • Identification of key strengths and growth opportunities

  • Feedback for effective self-management / accountability

  • Improved team interaction and faster, easier problem resolution

We do more than just get the right people in the right place. In addition to improving the selection of candidates, we also help identify and develop internal senior leaders. The same assessment is highly effective for selection, development or both. Leaders who are assessed for promotion receive feedback that drives a valuable action plan for ongoing development.

Proception2 is an online DISC based profiling system designed to MEASURE Key Dimensions of Behavior in a Business Environment:

leadership assessment tools diagram
  • Notable Primary Behaviors – How a person prefers to function in the work environment

  • Potential Strengths – Behavioral traits and aptitudes relating to the work environment

  • Preferred Work Environment – Outlines the work environment a person is most comfortable and productive

  • Personal Growth Suggestions – Presents behavioral tendencies that may slow or hinder a person’s performance

  • Communication Builders – Suggestions to improve communication, reinforce relationships, promote credibility and gaining trust

  • Personal Performance Motivators – Indicates the behavioral motivational needs of a person for top performance

  • Communication Barriers – Highlights what others do, say, or use that can hamper communication, relationships, promote credibility and gain

  • Personal Enhancement – Suggests behavioral needs and wants that allow person to perform at his/her best

  • Adjustment to the Work Environment – Helps to identify how a person adjusts his/her primary behavior to meet workplace requirements

  • Strengths to the Team – Outlines positive behaviors the person will contribute to the team


In a recent survey of Employee Selection and Development Inc. 600+ clients, the following benefits were reported. The benefits are ranked in order of highest percentage:

  • Significantly reduced employee turnover 92%

  • Savings increased the bottom line 90%

  • Improved and streamlined the hiring process 90%

  • Improved employee and leadership compatibility 89%

  • Significantly reduced hiring mistakes 87%

  • More revealing than the interview 86%

  • Identified the best applicants 85%

  • Easy to use 83%

  • Improved leadership interviewing skills 81%


Average Client Benefits

  • Time to Fill = 22% Reduction

  • Cost per Hire = 16% Reduction

  • Interview Expenses = 12% Reduction

  • Pre-hire and Post-hire Candidate Quality = 9% Increase

  • Candidate Screening Time by Client = 13% Reduction

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