Client Success Stories

Dear Tom:

Thanks go out to you and your team for the success achieved in filling our CFO position. You brought us multiple qualified candidates and we had the luxury of selecting the individual that best suited our needs. It is apparent that the processes you have in place are effective as each candidate was both qualified and prepared which enabled us to have substantive interviews. Having worked with you for nearly two decades I have come to expect nothing less.

Mark M.
President & CEO Cascade Engineering

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I wanted to send you this note to personally thank you for your excellent results over the past 5 years. To date The Nantais Group has placed 34 key managers for Lear Seating Systems Division.

The reasons why you have been so successful is your high level of professionalism; your tireless efforts; and a real knack for determining our organization’s requirements. I really appreciate how consistent your recruiting process yields excellent candidates. The Nantais Group is one of the very few search firms that prescreening candidates is unnecessary. I know when you are ready to recommend you top candidates they truly are top notch.

Richard A. Van H.
Vice President, Human Resources

Mr. Nantais consistently demonstrates a superior level of competency in the field of professional placement and provides a high level of service. He has developed a systematic recruiting strategy and applies it to our organization appropriately. He is well versed in the needs of our Company and its cultures, philosophies, and key positions. His expertise plays a critical role in closing the search in the areas of coordination and follow up. In addition, Mr. Nantais possesses the valuable ability of successfully networking with the decision-makers of the organization.

Mr. Nantais is a colleague I can recommend with complete confidence.

Patrick R. C.
Director of Human Resources, Seating Systems Division

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I have worked with Tom Nantais at The Nantais Group (TNG) for over 8 years now. TNG has had several highly successful placements with us. Their Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) process has consistently delivered top talent in the agreed upon timeline. When TNG is ready to recommend their top candidates, I always feel confident through past experience that the candidates will meet or exceed our requirements.

In fact, in my 25 years of recruiting at a corporate level, TNG remains the only firm that has ever provided a short list of 5 candidates, all of which were worthy of an offer. Many recruiters promise a short list, but I would argue that TNG’s short lists have been consistently better quality than any other firm I’ve ever worked with.

TNG takes pride in making sure my time and our hiring managers time is highly respected. Their consulting approach and in-take processes really make the difference compared to many other search firms. We value our performance-based partnership and look forward to continued success together!

Mike S.
Vice President Human Resources

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Dear Tom:

Thank you so much for your recent help in securing a top director level sales leader for our business in Troy, MI. Once again you and your team have demonstrated the thoroughness and attention to detail that separates you from other placement firms and delivers the results! Your use of the DMAIC process is truly a differentiator for TNG that systematically refines the selection process and delivers several top rated potential hires for consideration.

Since we started doing business together in the 1990’s, TNG has done an outstanding job of identifying and delivering candidates that have the correct experience, proven track record, and cultural fit to thrive in our growing company. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to continued success down the road.

Brian G.
Executive Vice President
Starex / Infino Resins North America

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Tom, I have to say when we first talked many months ago and you presented to me the uniqueness of your search approach, using KPI’s as a central part of your management system, I was intrigued and wanted to see this in action. I have to say your team came through and hit a home run on a very important product startup. It was imperative for us that you go out and find qualified candidates in a very specific and difficult market in a relatively short time. We were all impressed with the results. Thank you for your support on this very important project. As a result you have been working on many other searches for us and we look forward to you working on many more.

Christopher M.
Vice President Human Resources, Americas

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Tom Nantais and I have worked together over the last ten years in a variety of searches ranging from sales and technology through the level of Directors of Sales and Director of Technology. In each and every case, Tom has demonstrates consistent and effective results. He has a process, which I find invaluable in attracting, interviewing, and selecting the best people for the position.

Tom has always presented only top-notch candidates. He has an excellent track record in overcoming the challenges of closing the top performers who are normally not actively seeking a job change.

Tom has the experience, ability and the professionalism to make things happen, on time, and within the expectations established. He makes recruiting a solid business experience for all involved. He is my first and last call in recruiting.

Ron H.
V.P. & General Manager, Global Automotive

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I just wanted to thank you personally for a very successful executive search. All of your candidates met the mark, and the most recent executive addition appears to have actually exceeded expectations. Well done!

To this day, I am impressed with the process you and your firm use to first understand the stated need, flesh out the true needs, somehow serve up many fully-employed, topnotch candidates, that meet the requirements, and then hone in on the best possible candidate.

Rob A.

Just a quick note to say thank you for your outstanding efforts filling two, in my opinion, difficult positions. You successfully attracted three excellent candidates for Algonquin Scientific, a start-up company: two of the three candidates were senior people from Algonquin’s direct competitor. Keep up the great work!

J.R. A.

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Thank you for all your help in successfully recruiting a quality individual for a very rare technical position. As usual, you do a great job of assessing the market for candidates who match our open positions, and screen out any candidates who do not meet our needs. This keeps our workload for in-house managers down so that they only need to interview candidates who could effectively fill the role.

I believe this makes Candidate #8 or #9 that you have now successfully recruited for me, all with different technical and managerial expertise. Thanks for providing a quality-focused product that I can always count on.

John L. V.
Chief Executive Officer

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executive management career search acquisition team

I am sending you a brief note to let you know that I think The Nantais Group did a great job in our recent search. I outlined some unusual characteristics and skills needed for the opening in our executive team and expected it to be a challenge.

You explained the process steps used by The Nantais Group during the search, we applied these steps and they worked! A month has passed since our new hire has started and I can definitely say that I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Geoffrey S.
President & CEO

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client references

Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to work with Tom Nantais, of The Nantais Group, a professional recruitment firm, on several successful placements within our or ganization. Mr. Nantais consistently demonstrates a superior level of competency in the field of professional placement. He has done as excellent job in identifying our requirements for the positions and his expertise in placing qualified candidates for these positions is excellent and has met all our needs.

Clifford D. N.
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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client references

The search was conducted in a very professional and efficient manner and, all candidates interviewed possessed the experience and qualifications we had previously discussed.As we worked through the several individuals we could have hired your energy and commitment remained strong. The individual we hired has now been with Painters Supply and Equipment Company several weeks and we continue to believe he will be very successful.

Werner H. D.

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executive management career search acquisition team

I received many phone calls from new recruiters each month offering their services to our company. My first reaction was that TNG was just another recruiter with grand promises. I am pleased to indicate that the WNA experience was even more positive than what you represented during our initial conversation.

You did an excellent job probing for the exact WNA position requirements, searching key target companies for qualified candidates, and researching and sorting prospects in order to make sure that only ideal applicants were put forward for my consideration. The tough part of the process was selecting from the highly qualified choices that you provided me.

Russell J. G.
Executive Vice President

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I would like to thank you and your team for successfully completing numerous searches for me over the past 5 years including the three recently completed operations management positions. I know that I have consistently challenged you and your team to deliver “A” players for difficult to fill positions. In each search, your team has attracted and delivered highly qualified candidates in the promised time frame. The reason I continue use your firm is based on the results. I appreciate the process you utilize, your experience and professionalism. I look forward to working with you on our future searches.

Jim B.
Vice President of Operations

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Prior to our engagement with The Nantais Group, we struggled to find a complete pool of candidates to make us feel like we were conducting a comprehensive search for this very critical hire. You once again brought a very efficient and professional approach to the recruiting process and delivered the right individual for Roush.

Dean M.
Vice President

Thank you for the successful completion of your recent search project for Roush. The Nantis Group undertook a very difficult search and produced a skilled and qualified candidate to meet our needs. In advanced technology implementation areas the right candidate brings industry knowledge and experience that is critical to our success. I am quite pleased that we were able to make such a qualified hire for Roush.

Gregory M. F.
Executive Director, Government and Defense

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Over the course of the past five months, Tom has met at length with many of our technical managers to ascertain our specific needs. Tom’s demeanor has been very professional, and he has been committed in his search for suitable applicants for our needs. In fact, we have successfully hired several of his applicants for positions at Durr Industries and, so far, they are working out to both the applicant’s and Durr’s approval.

Walter S.
Vice President – Operations

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I wish to thank you personally (and on behalf of Swift Adhesives) for your efforts in helping us fill our needs for an Automotive Market Manager. The position was certainly a very difficult one to fill, given our requirements, yet you presented very qualified candidates which allowed us to feel we had selected the very best individual available.

Thomas A. W.
Vice President & General Manager

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The systematic process that The Nantais Group follows has a real focus of identifying target companies and key objectives during the upfront phases of the search that has set them apart from other recruitment firms that I have used in the last 25 years in Human Resources. They are extremely responsive and customer focused in providing outstanding candidates to ensure meeting business objectives in a timely way. I would recommend The Nantais Group for any retained recruiting search needs you may have.

Brent J. K.
Vice President, Human Resources

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Because you had conducted successful searches for some of the best talent at Perceptron you were selected to conduct the search for our Chief Financial Officer- a key executive position. Competition was considered, but your past performance spoke loudly.

This was a very difficult search for several reasons: First, we sought to satisfy a large collection of company officers and members of the board of directors, each of whom added something to the candidate spec. list. Second, we were looking for a fully experienced candidate. And finally, Perceptron’s transitional phase in its growth strategy meant that you had to develop a thorough understanding of our situation to enable you to help potential candidates appreciate the attractiveness of the opportunity.

These challenges translated into a long, arduous search process. However, the delays were ours, nor yours. When the dust settled, we hired the first candidate you presented to us! All involved are very satisfied with the results. But because I was the “point person” on the search, I also have reason to be very satisfied with the process. Your patience and persistence were tested as we worked in tandem through the difficult search. Your good humor throughout the effort helped keep things moving forward in a positive way.

Fred J.
Vice President, Human Resources

I’d like to especially provide my thanks for the wonderful job you did for us on this challenging project. You listened to our requirements and us before you began the search. Most importantly, you heard exactly what we were after. Then you tenaciously began a search that must have been very frustrating for you. But most importantly you succeeded in identifying several candidates. Since we could only choose one at the time our decision was tough. I thank you for making that decision so tough. It’s exactly the position we would want to be in when adding a new member to our sales force!

Rhex A. E.
Director of Sales

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Your efforts resulted in the ideal outcome of a retained search. Through your efforts my time was focused on interviewing only the best candidates. It’s not often when everything goes perfectly, but this was definitely one of those instances. Thank you for exceeding my expectations.

Ronald L. W.

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I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for the job you did in filling a position that frankly, we had almost given up hope in filling.Your systematic approach, the due diligence you put into this search in order to completely understand our needs and the professionalism you displayed during this process was outstanding. I was impressed with the way this search progressed and with the quality of the candidates from which we were able to select.

As you know from our previous conversations, our success rate with other agencies was rather dismal, and we were seriously floundering in our attempts to fill this extremely critical position. You delivered exactly what you promised us within the timeframe that we agreed to. We will undoubtedly use your services again in the future and would have no problem recommending you to others.

Kenneth M. L.
Country Manager

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I want to express my appreciation for your assistance with our recent recruiting effort. You did an excellent job of assessing our requirements and presenting quality candidates for our consideration. The high caliber of people you presented is a reflection of your recruiting performance. After several months of searching with other recruiters, we hadn’t found a suitable candidate. In contrast, your search provided a selection of four excellent candidates.

Geoff L.
Automotive Market Manager

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The performance of Tom during the search was very satisfactory and proficient. I was pleased with the response time and thoroughness of his efforts. Mr. Nantais will be contacted for any future searches I require.

Raymond F. S.
Technical Manager

This was our first occasion to work with The Nantais Group and you personally. You have been professional and very responsive to our requirements for identifying top talent candidates, and insight to “closing the deal” to actually get them here. Your willingness to develop an in-depth understanding of our position requirements, industry drivers, and business unit culture has been a very positive contributor to this success. We have also appreciated your regular communications throughout the process.

Chris F.
Director, Human Resources

I want to thank you for the excellent results following a very difficult recruiting endeavor. We knew the challenge we were asking of you was significant. You and your team not only met the challenge but exceeded it greatly. The quality of candidates you brought forward caused us to create a new position because we simply had too many good choices and didn’t want to pass on persons of such high caliber.

Your quick understanding of the position and the required skill sets for a successful candidate was impressive. Your professionalism and level of communication to all parties throughout the process was greatly appreciated. I was amazed at your ability to source top performers in our industry who weren’t even looking for a new career.

From our introductory discussions to the placement of the candidates it was a pleasure working with you. I know without your help we would still be struggling and would probably never have found the new PPG employees you were able to produce. It’s clear to me why PPG continues to work with The Nantais Group.

Greg S.
Zone Manager, Commercial Coatings

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I’ve worked with many search firms in past and present, but none have a systematic process that delivers results the way your firm does. Your process is extremely thorough, and your response times are quick.

Richard W.
Human Resources Manager

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We have been extremely satisfied with the high caliber of services provided by Tom. He has always identified qualified candidates, meeting our specifications in a fast, responsive, and professional manner.

Debra J. A.
Director, Human Resources, Automotive/Decorative Film Division

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Having worked with many different executive recruiters over the years I can safely say that Tom and the Nantais Group have a unique approach that gets extraordinary results. They use a true “search” process and the methodology has worked, even in an industry sector that was relatively new for Tom. As a client, the process forces you to be disciplined and to commit the time to consider fully the required capabilities of a prospective candidate. Tom rigorously examines the “Bullseye” for the role and the time spent in seriously considering the likely source of a candidate has yielded great outcomes for Gencom Software. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and the Nantais Group for any executive searches where the role is defined and the candidate profile can be established.

lain M.
Regional Vice President, Americas (GEOVIA)

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You have been very responsive to our requirements for identifying the 1A-type of candidates we have required and in “closing the deal” to actually get them here. Your willingness to develop an in-depth understanding of our position requirements, industry drivers, and company culture has been a very positive contributor to this success. Your persistence has been consistent throughout this fairly arduous search process.

Tim C.
Manager, Sales Force Effectiveness

Thank you for your exceptional performance in recruiting world-class talent for critical positions within our GE Global Power Plant Systems Department.

Your understanding of the Power Industry along with you persistence and knowledge of the position qualifications and values we require were instrumental in hiring top talent into our organization. Thank you again for your excellent performance and results-oriented approach.

Robert A. C.
Manager, Contracts & Project Support

I wanted to thank you for your excellent performance in assisting with the recruiting efforts for GE Plastics in Detroit. We can be demanding in our request to find the very best people and have been very pleased with your effectiveness.

A clear indication of recruiting performance comes when our team interviews a slate of candidates for a job and we see your candidates consistently at the top of the list. We have been very pleased with your assessment of our needs and ability to deliver candidates that meet those needs. Keep up the great work!

Kip N.
General Manager, Automotive

Your aggressiveness and professionalism are impressive. I think that your success is in part due to the thorough screening process you take your candidates through. As I have helped interview for other managers in the building, I have never been disappointed with a candidate that you have recommended.

Dave V.
Director, Automotive OEM Team

We needed a number of professionals, experienced in the field of environmental air testing, as quickly as possible. You were able to develop a solid understanding of the position requirements, as well as the industry as a whole. As a result, you brought us candidates, which met or exceeded our expectations.

Your success can be credited to your persistence, professionalism and good humor in dealing with our schedule and time constraints. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kathi M.
Human Resources Manager

Thank you for your sense of urgency and attention to detail. You have allowed me to build a much stronger team. I will continue to place a high priority on hiring the best available people, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kevin T. A.
Region Marketing Director

Your strong efforts to understand the requirements of the open positions, the products that we make, and the site and company cultures have allowed you to quickly identify the best candidates with the most related experience for the positions. During this process, we have pursued several options for finding perspective candidates, but your process consistently yielded the best people with the right experience and room for growth.

Herbert T. N.
Product General Manager, Nuovo Pignone Business Center

Just a note to let you know how truly impressed I was with your team’s performance. You provided exceptional candidates for a key top-level position and delivered a bulls-eye match.

Brian M.
Director of Engineering, Sourcing & E-Business

Your effort in the search to identify candidates in Tennessee was very thorough and professional. This was a very difficult position to fill. The high standard that we set both technically and commercially increased the difficulty but you succeeded in identifying candidates nonetheless. Your understanding of the GE culture and our standards was consistently on the mark.

William R. S.
Technology Manager, Southeast Region

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Dear Tom,
I wanted to write a short note to thank you and your team for a job well done in supporting us to find the ideal candidate for the supply chain position in our Toronto operations. It was quite a challenge to find the right individual for a very complex position.

I want to particularly highlight that you made our selection process “difficult” in terms of having a number of well qualified individuals from which we had to choose from which made it a tough decision for us. I like being in a position with many good choices!

Throughout the entire process you gave us sound advice and I really appreciated having you there as a soundboard as we went through this process. Thanks again for all the support!

Kristopher P.
Vice President Supply Chain
Commercial Aircraft

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