DMAIC is a proven approach for eliminating defects and improving quality-related business metrics. DMAIC and Lean (the combined methodologies are known as Lean Six Sigma) complement each other and are the foundation for continuous improvement in most companies.

The DMAIC approach is really very simple and practical: DEFINE your problem, MEASURE where you are and where you want to go, ANALYZE data to understand the problem, IMPROVE or eliminate the underlying causes, and CONTROL the process for the long run.

dmaic search recruiting process

Our proven search process consistently yields the top 20% talent and provides the best recruiting coverage in the search industry, supported by written documentation.

executive management career acquisition search
  • Position history & client culture

  • Required & preferred candidate expectations

  • Candidate compensation package

  • Candidate generation & attraction strategy

  • Interview process & client key stakeholders

  • Search cost savings strategy

  • Candidate timing & client search progress updates

executive management career acquisition search
  • Create position description & client highlights

  • Create candidate & client culture mapping

  • Create candidate competency & performance evaluation process

  • Create candidate attraction process

  • Create client industry specific search strategy

  • Create search performance & cost savings KPI’s

executive management career acquisition search
  • Search strategy execution & preliminary results

  • Candidate generation & attraction process results

  • Candidate competencies, performance, motivations & expectations

  • Overall search performance & cost savings KPI’s

executive management career acquisition search
  • Implement search process improvements

  • Implement cost saving improvements

  • Execute candidate assessment and culture mapping process

  • Recommend candidates and initiate client interview process

executive management career acquisition search
  • Execute client & candidate interview debrief process

  • Execute client offer & candidate reference process

  • Execute client & candidate closing process

  • Complete candidate recommended development assessment

  • Execute candidate transition consulting & onboarding

  • Ensure 100% client satisfaction & discuss TNG & client recommendations

  • Post 12 months qualify client & candidate satisfaction & recommendations

executive management career acquisition search
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Recommended Candidates to Offer = 4

Candidate Source = 92% hidden talent sourced
from clients preferred industries

Days to Recommend Candidates = 23 Management and 37 Executives

Offer to Acceptance = 92%

Diversity Candidates Recommended = 21%

Retention for Management & Executive Candidates = 87% (3 years or longer)

Quality of Hire = Excellent Rating (Post 18 months)

Value Comparison = industry best performance and value combination

Repeat or Referral Business Source = 81% (Existing Clients)

Candidate Selection Process = Average Client Benefits

  • Significantly reduced employee turnover 92%
  • Savings increased the bottom line 90%
  • Improved and streamlined the hiring process 90%
  • Improved employee and leadership compatibility 89%
  • Significantly reduced hiring mistakes 87%
  • More revealing than the interview 86%
  • Identified the best applicants 85%
  • Easy to use 83%
  • Improved leadership interviewing skills 81%

Digital Recruiting Platform = Average Client Benefits

  • Time to Fill = 22% Reduction
  • Cost per Hire = 16% Reduction
  • Interview Expenses = 12% Reduction
  • Pre-hire and Post-hire Candidate Quality = 9% Increase
  • Candidate Screening Time by Client = 13% Reduction