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The Six Sigma DMAIC Improvement Process

Analyze and Determine the root cause(s) of the defects.

Measure the process to determine current performance and qualify the problem.

Define the project goals and customer (internal and external) deliverables.

Improve the process by eliminating defects.

Control future process performance so improved process doesn't degrade.


DMAIC is a proven approach for eliminating defects & improving quality-related business metrics. DMAIC & Lean (combined methodologies known as Lean Six Sigma) complement each other & are the foundation for continuous improvement in many successful companies. The Nantais Group DMAIC search process has delivered industry leading performance over the past 10 years.

Needs Analysis

Prior to accepting a search engagement, The Nantais Group will identify success roadblocks to ensure that our DMAIC success formula can be implemented. This is the foundation to our long-term client partnerships and is required for us to accept any search engagement.

  • Prior client search actions to ensure corrective actions are identified and mutually agreed upon.
  • Client culture description and position strategic initiatives to identify the best candidate fit.
  • Client reputation and competitive advantages to create the most effective candidate attraction strategy.
  • Compensation, benefits, and relocation assistance competitiveness to ensure top performer attraction.
  • Search process collaboration and target search completion to calibrate expectations.
  • TNG Search Agreement review and approval

Search Criteria

After search acceptance, The Nantais Group through a collaborative effort will ensure all the client stake holders search and candidate expectations are calibrated to eliminate success roadblocks.

  • Position must and preferred requirements
  • Job location and attractions
  • Search challenges
  • Position and location challenges
  • 90-day position expectations
  • Interview process and stakeholders
  • Position reporting manager hot buttons
  • Direct reports, titles, and insights
  • Company highlights

Recruiting Strategy

Prior to recruiting kickoff, through listening to our clients we learn how to develop the most effective client customized recruiting strategy. This provides our clients the advantage of interviewing game-changing leadership talent prior to them joining the job market and prior to their competitors interviewing them.  

  • Target recruit companies (TRC) profile and locations
  • Bullseye candidate profile
  • Candidate attraction strategy
  • Candidate evaluation process
  • Candidate culture mapping process
  • Candidate comparison summary
  • Cost saving strategy
  • Search KPI’s development
  • Search progress updates
  • Target search completion

Recruiting Kickoff

Our collaborative effort with our clients prepares us to know what the bulls-eye candidates looks like, where to find them, and how best to attract them. Unlike most other search firms that identify actively or passively looking candidates, 92 out of 100 candidates we recommend are unavailable to most employers or internal recruiting departments.

  • Cost saving strategy execution
  • Recruiting strategy execution
  • Candidate attraction execution
  • Candidate evaluation execution
  • Culture mapping process execution

Measure, Analyze & Improve

After recruiting kick off, our DMAIC process will measure and analyze every step of the search process to ensure our client calibrated success formula stays on the best track while making needed adjustments quickly to ensure the end game success.

  • Search strategy results
  • Candidate generation
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Culture mapping process
  • Cost savings targets
  • Search process and KPI’s

Evaluation & Recommendations

Our DMAIC process, and culture mapping best practices, evaluates candidates for competency, personality, culture match, promotability, and recommended development suggestions. Every 4 candidates we recommend receive and offer and 92% of those offers are accepted.

  • Digital interview platform
  • Interview process management
  • Pre and post interview consulting
  • Candidate recommendation packages
    • Candidate bio and compensation
    • Enhanced metric focused resume
    • Client customized profiling questions
    • Candidate comparison summary
    • Culture mapping process
    • TNG observations summary

Closing & Onboarding

After candidate offer acceptance, we implement an extensive reference and onboarding process to ensure once the deal is closed it stays closed.  We specialize in game-changing leadership talent that are not actively seeking employment. Our DMAIC process and best in class retention process ensures a mutually successful outcome.

  • Offer negotiations and offer acceptance
  • Personal and business impact consulting
  • Industry leading closing and retention process
  • Candidate references
    • Reporting manager reference verifications
    • Degree verifications
    • Compensation verifications
    • Background checks
    • Physical & drug testing

Client Best Practices

Our DMAIC process includes process improvement suggestions to our clients. We request our clients to provide improvement suggestions to us as well. Our industry best, guaranteed client satisfaction or money refunded won’t be found elsewhere.

  • Client interview and cost savings process
  • Client offer and closing process
  • Candidate transition and on-boarding
  • Employee development and retention

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