Talent Success Stories

As a senior executive I regularly receive requests to look at opportunities from recruiters. The majority of which I do not respond to as the recruiter usually seems to be using a mass marketing approach and more interested in simply providing to their client a list of names to show their value.

I was not seeking a change but when Tom Nantais from The Nantais Group reached out to me to introduce a particular opportunity quickly I knew he was very different. He was very professional and well informed about the position and his client. After a short time you knew he took pride in his approach and reputation. The Nantais Group has over many years developed and refined a very unique six sigma business model that eliminates wasted time in interviewing and onboarding process. Their candidate selection is very comprehensive but if chosen as one of their recommended candidates their consulting process will make you a much stronger and better prepared candidate. They are one of the VERY few search firms that do an excellent job matching the candidate to the company culture.

Tom’s approach illustrated to me that he really works to know the candidates he chooses to put forward. Additionally, I was impressed with the depth of understanding he had about the company as well as the people who I would be working with.

The Nantais Group was instrumental in helping me land my current position that I am extremely happy with. I would recommend them to anyone!

Andrew B.

In my many years in automotive engineering and having changed employers only twice before, I had never experienced the level of focus and confidence during my job search as I did with Tom Nantais from The Nantais Group. His consulting and honest style consistently shined through the entire process. Tom takes the time to ask the right questions and understand the candidate’s expectations before arranging an interview with the prospective employer. His detailed candidate screening process allows him to know you and your career goals, which also allows him to represent you to the client very professionally and transparently.

Tom is diligent and stays committed to fulfill all your needs for you to make the next step in your career. He uses a unique six-sigma process for talent acquisition and always follows up to gain feedback and gain further insight into your job satisfaction level with the new employer. To everyone seeking a career change or just open to evaluate better opportunities I would definitely recommend working with Tom. His unique and comprehensive approach will help bring out the best in you and in return prepare you to obtain your ideal position with the right company.

Working with Tom gives you an interesting and personalized experience, which gives you the confidence knowing you are in good hands. I look forward to working with Tom in the future, not only to take the next step in my career, but also to gain professional insight regarding prospective employment opportunities.

Umesh J. D.

I had the pleasure to work with Tom Nantais and The Nantais Group during my most recent job search. Tom and his team provide a unique Six Sigma approach to recruiting and is what I consider a “Best in Class” process from start to finish.

From the first day that I contacted Tom, the communication and information shared between Tom and I was timely, informative, and accurate. The details he provided about the position, the company, their requirements, and their expectations were detailed and accurate.

I had not interviewed for any opportunities in 15 years but Tom was able to provide great feedback and suggestions on the several documents that I had to complete during the interview process. We also spent a significant amount of time preparing for phone screening and face-to-face interviews. Without his support I would not have been as prepared as I was.

Tom and The Nantais Group are truly professionals at what they do and I would recommend them to any company or potential recruit.

Jason G.

“Tom Nantais with The Nantais Group was absolutely fantastic to work with during my recent recruiting experience. It had been 10+ years since I had been in the job market and Tom walked me through the process every step of the way. Every stage of the process from polishing my resume and interview preparation, through salary negotiations, was handled by Tom with personal care and professionalism.

Unlike many other search consultants Tom has a very methodical approach and concentrates on providing full service consulting to candidates as he does to his clients. I found him to have very high expectations but this elevated me to a higher level. It forced me to bring my “A game” to the interview.

In the end I landed a great job with a great company that is both a professional and personal fit for me.” I would highly recommend Tom and The Nantais Group!

Aaron G.

Over the course of the past several years I have had the opportunity to work with a multitude of recruiter’s both as a hiring manager as well as a candidate fielding cold calls for possible new opportunities. My recent experience with Tom Nantis with The Nantais Group was refreshingly different.

Before the first contact, Tom put in the time to assure he was finding the right opportunity for the right candidate. All too often my experience with a recruiter will seem to be one of only presenting candidates by volume using the theology of more is better. Tom’s approach of quality over quantity was a breath of fresh air. He took the time to know and understand not only the employer’s needs, but the candidate’s needs as well. While I was not actively looking for a new position, through Tom’s in depth discussion and council he was able to open my eyes to a new challenge and opportunity.

The preparation took with me was very thorough and transparent. He was able to completely explain what to expect with pertinent information. Through this detailed approach I was not taken by surprise during my interaction with the potential employer. This made the overall experience not only enjoyable, but fruitful as well. In addition, Tom was up front and honest with his feedback at all points in the process. This allowed me to understand where I stood at all times leaving no doubts or unneeded anxiety.

Moving forward I would not hesitate to utilize Tom & The Nantais Group for my needs moving forward. I have the confidence Tom would be able to find the right position or candidate for me.

Tony H.

I would highly recommend Tom Nantais and The Nantais Group. From my very first contact the interactions have been professional, transparent and genuine. It is obvious that Tom does his homework from both sides of the recruiting process. He provided in depth details about The Nantais Group and the potential employer. Tom displays a clear knowledge of the open positions.

He is very timely in his communication and obviously dedicated to finding the right fit for each position. I had several prep calls with Tom prior to each step in the interview process as well as follow up calls after. I never felt out of the loop or uninformed as to the process and expectations.

The Nantais Group has a very unique Six Sigma business model that sets them far apart from the many other search firms I have worked with in the past. Tom never failed to meet a commitment. His consulting approach is also very refreshing.

I was not seeking a change when Tom contacted me but his professional approach motivated me to consider the opportunity. I am glad that I did and look forward to a long term relationship with him and The Nantais Group.

Christy P.

Due to the methodical approach I used during the last two years I built a relationship with a select number of recruiters. I was fortunate enough to work with Tom Nantais at The Nantais Group on a position that fit my career goal perfectly. His coaching and guidance were a great fit as I pursued this opportunity. I can say with confidence the items listed below were critical in preparing me for the interview process.

  • He was extremely informative and transparent in regards to the position and the expectations of the company.
  • He provided focused suggestions on how to improve the content of my resume by highlighting a metric based approach which presented my skills in the best possible fashion.
  • He prepared me for the interview process with direct and extremely helpful mock interviews.
  • He provided words of encouragement which helped build my confidence.

From a candidate perspective I can highly recommend Tom and The Nantais Group.

It has been a pleasure working with you and thank you again for your professionalism and support.

Mark S.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support, insightful information, and the guidance you provided. My experience working with you and The Nantais Group has been much more comprehensive and beneficial than any previous experience I have had working with recruiters.

Your unique, well defined six sigma process transformed me in to a much better candidate. Your consulting style and guidance provided in our follow-up conversations not only proved to be spot on for the interviewing process but also were instrumental in my decision to accept the position. You represented your client with integrity and professionalism, as it was more like I was working with a member of the company rather than an external recruiter. You were very informed about the position and the company. My personal references also commented how in depth and specific your questions were regarding my work experience and business relationships. It shows you really care about your candidates and clients finding the best match.

Once again, thank you for your support and assistance in obtaining this great opportunity.

Mark W.

During my career, I had never worked directly with a recruiter before and was not sure what to expect. Tom was very professional, genuine and sincere during the entire process. He provided details about the open opportunity along with insight about the culture of his client’s company and expectations.

I felt their unique six sigma consulting process though very comprehensive and demanding developed me into a much stronger candidate. I was well prepared before each interview because Tom provided insight, coaching and guidance prior to each interview to ensure that I was prepared. He has excellent at following up with me after each interview and kept me in the in the loop during the entire process.

I always felt that Tom really cared about finding the right match for me and his clients. I would highly recommend Tom Nantais and The Nantais Group to anyone.

Tim C.

I would like to express my gratitude for the work you and The Nantais Group has done in not only finding the perfect role to fit my skills and knowledge, but also taking the time to prepare and challenge me in looking at the “Big picture” of readiness. You company does an excellent job of matching talent to positions.

Your intensive screening process is unique but it forces you to not only sharpen your interview skills but also helps you reflect on what type of company and position is the best fit for you. Your consulting approach made me feel you really cared about preparing me to win the position and offer I was interviewing for. It sincerely was a very good process and experience working together. I wish you the best of luck moving forward.

Thank you for all your help guidance!

Robert G.

Throughout my career I have worked with several recruiters and recruiting firms and my experience with the Nantais Group, specifically, Tom Nantais was by far the best experience in which I have encountered. During the screening process, Tom was able to quickly identify my skills and match my skills with opportunities that were available. He constantly communicated with me throughout the entire process and always reached out to me to provide any updates on any information he had received.

The Nantais Group is truly looking to ensure that the employee and employer are a good fit in which both parties are mutually satisfied. They have a very high level professionalism and their six sigma process truly takes the waste out of interviewing. Tom really does care about his candidates and clients and it showed throughout the entire process. I would recommend him and The Nantais Group to anyone. I appreciated all of Tom’s help and support in coaching me towards success!

Jill K.

Working with Tom and the Nantais Group was an absolute pleasure. Tom was always upfront with information, ensuring I was kept in the loop on the decision-making process, ultimately leading to a successful placement. The background Tom provides in the initial interview helped prepare me for the expectations that were required. He really understands the companies he is working with.

As a candidate in the middle of a hiring process, knowing more information about what is needed and the timelines for a short-list/decision are critical to success. Tom made sure that was always at the forefront of our conversations, and it was very much appreciated.

Likewise, after starting with the company, the feedback on the process that Tom guided was highly regarded.

I would absolutely recommend the Nantais Group, both as a candidate, and as a hiring company.

Sandeep S.

I recall the first contact I received from Tom Nantais to recruit me to fill a position for one of his clients. At the time, I had absolutely zero interest in a change and I bluntly communicated this message in my reply to Tom. With his professionalism and methodic approach towards recruiting me, I received an excellent first impression of somebody I wanted to work with. The more I listened to him, the more potential I began to see in the opportunity he presented to me. His assertiveness and motivational tactics were enough to move me out of complacency in my job at that time.

Throughout the process following the initial contact from Tom, he told me what to expect next and always delivered what he promised in a timely manner. Throughout the duration of the interview and negotiation processes, Tom made the decision to change employers easier on my behalf and addressed each detailed question or challenge I could throw at him in the most professional way. The guidance he provided to me is much appreciated.

Whenever I learn of a top performer in my professional network considering an employment change, I refer him or her to Tom because I believe The Nantais Group will identify an ideal opportunity for each candidate each time. To the potential hiring manager, Tom is going to deliver the hard to get, high performing candidates who will bring talent and experience to your team. I highly recommend The Nantais Group to facilitate professional talent acquisition and job placement activities.

Michael K.