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When looking for the right Transportation Manufacturing Management Recruiter, it is important to choose a firm that has the industry specific experience necessary to source the best talent for your company.

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Since 1988 we have been known as the industry’s leading Transportation Manufacturing Management Recruiter. We source HIDDEN TALENT directly from our client preferred industries and companies. Consequently our time tested DMAIC Search Process has delivered Industry Leading Performance for the past 10 years. We uncover exceptional Transportation Manufacturing talent unavailable to most employers or internal recruiting departments.

The Nantais Group provides our clients the advantage of interviewing game-changing leadership talent prior to them joining the job market and prior to your competitors interviewing them. We work quickly and effectively to recommend the candidate that best aligns with your company’s culture and strategic initiatives. Our unique Scientific Culture Mapping approach has delivered industry leading candidate retention for our clients over the past 10 years.

For more than 30 years, we have created and executed client customized talent attraction strategies. This allows Startups to Fortune 50 companies to hire and retain the best available Transportation Manufacturing talent. In like manner we offer recruiting coverage from executives, management, to senior professionals. Our Client Success Stories say it best!

Key Success Traits for Transportation Manufacturing Leaders

Everyone would agree that manufacturing has changed substantially over the past century. From general working conditions to plant automation, and pension plans to digital technologies, manufacturing has come a very long way. That doesn’t happen without great manufacturing leadership, sourced by a leading Transportation Manufacturing Management Recruiter. As it stands some manufacturers still employ those executive dinosaurs. These executives continue to fight the tide of change not having embraced the type of leadership that today’s workforce demands. Forward thinking manufacturers have embraced change, understanding the needs of a growing company. As a leading Transportation Manufacturing Management Recruiter, we know that navigating all that change requires leadership. The questions is “what makes a great manufacturing leader?”

Here are our top 8 things that great manufacturing leaders do:

  1. Build a Culture of Enthusiasm, Teamwork, and Common Vision
  2. Maintain High Expectations and Hold People Accountable
  3. Become a Change Agent with an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  4. Exercise Strategic Planning and Fearless Decision Making
  5. Advocate for Cross-Functional Teams to Tackle Challenges
  6. Embrace Technologies That Make Sense
  7. Use Emotional Intelligence to Empower Employees
  8. Communicate with Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency
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Great manufacturing leaders understand how important honesty and integrity are to any relationship, and they understand that the best way to foster those qualities is through transparency.  In the end, really great manufacturing leaders keep their organization engaged and focused in the right direction to achieve that common vision for the company.

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction or Money Refunded!

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The transportation manufacturing industry is facing immense change. Areas such as: digital transformation, new market entrants, changing customer expectations, green technologies and new evolving business models; are now part of successful business plans.

The Business Research Company ( expects the transportation manufacturing market to grow at a rate of 10.9% to $7.6 trillion by 2022. As you can imagine, this creates the demand for the best talent to help your company grow; a Transportation Manufacturing Management Recruiter can assist you in finding the best of the best. 

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